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Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

The Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park - featuring 558 luxury guestrooms and suites, is the only five star hotel on Hyde Park and is renowned for being the benchmark of classic hotels in Sydney.


Originally built in 1938, the Sheraton Grand has recently undergone on $50mill transformation ensuring its position as one of the premier hotels in Australia.


Aleabrax Systems were engaged to provide an upgrade to the domestic hot water plant that matched expectations of the Sheraton brand and their clientele.


A system featuring the GFX indirect heat exchange tanks provided a modular solution offering performance, efficiency and reliability from a small footprint. 

sheraton image.png

Aleabrax Solution 

8 x GFX 180

3 x GFX 180


Total PFR – 33L/sec @ 65°C


Heat Source - 2 x 1MW Fire Tube


Heat Recovery from chillers


1st Hour – 39,065L *

Recovery – 34,368L *

Aleabrax GFX Indirect Heat Exchange Tank Installation

Westmead Hospital

Westmead is one of the largest public hospitals in Australia and is internationally recognised for quality teaching and research. Each year Westmead treats more than 55,000 people in the emergency department, has approximately 83,000 patients stay at least one night in hospital, performs over 14,000 surgical procedures, provides more than 1.3 million outpatient services and assists with the birth of more than 4,600 babies.

In February 2015, the NSW government announced a $900mill redevelopment of the facility. The Aleabrax GFX indirect heat exchange tanks were the ideal solution for this application. 


Separation of the low pressure primary circuit and the consumable water will maximise the life of the DHW plant and maintain a high level of hygiene for the potable water.

Westmead Hospital logo.jpg

Aleabrax Solution 

11 x GFX 180

1 x 2000L Buffer Tank


Total PFR – 33L/sec

Heat Source - 2 x 1.2MW Fire Tube


1st Hour – 47,938L

Recovery – 41,241L

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