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Quality, reliability, efficiency.

Condensing Appliances

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The Aleabrax range of gas appliance utilises market leading technology that provides net efficiencies of greater than 108%. These boilers achieve the high efficiencies by recovering the latent heat from water vapour produced during the combustion process.


For retrofit installations, running cost reductions of greater than 35% can be achieved depending on application and performance of the existing appliance.


With reduced energy consumption, lower gas load and less environmental impact, condensing technology offers benefits to developers, specifiers, builders, plumbing/HVAC contractors and facility managers.

Water Heaters

ONE-TECH Heat Exchanger

The ONE-TECH® exchanger, made of stainless steel spirals Ø 28 mm, guarantees strength, reliability, efficiency and maximum combustion performance. Wide passages provide a large surface area for the heat exchanger resulting in better thermal efficiency.

Stainless steel heat exchangers provide quality construction and have a higher resistance to corrosion in a wide range of pH levels. With minimal obstructions these self–cleaning heat exchangers have low pressure losses with reduced maintenance costs.

Digitech PCB

Designed to be intuitive, simple, and of course functional… the DIGITECH control by ALEABRAX puts every aspect and function of the unit at your fingertips.  The controller saves up to 5 error codes, making for an easy trouble shooting experience for your service technician should a problem arise with your Aleabrax unit. Setting and saving temperature parameters is also a quick and easy procedure on the DIGITECH control panel.

  • Condensing Technology

  • Type A Certification

  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

  • Cascade up to 800kw

  • Integrated Primary Pump/s

  • Dual Hydraulic Circuits

  • Remote Supervision Accessory

  • Market Leading Modulation 

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