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F.B.R. Forced Draft Burners

002678_31 GASX3TL-288
002678_31 GASX3TL-295
002678_31 GASX3TL-292
001553 GX3S TL-311
001553 GX3S TL-308
001553 GX3S TL-307

F B R Bruciatori S.r.l.

When Aleabrax created the DVX heavy duty indirect appliance, we needed to offer a burner solution that matched our desire for quality and reliability.

F.B.R. burners are completely manufactured in Italy and all components are exclusively selected among the best European producers. The rigorous controls applied at F.B.R. plants guarantee the absolute Quality of the results.

Since 1969, the year of its founding, F.B.R. has been synonymous with the DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION of high-tech burners for industrial, commercial and residential use, distributing to more than 80 countries our constantly evolving Italian excellence.

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