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Aleabrax Systems is an Australian owned and operated

heated water system manufacturer, distributing Australia-wide.

  • Thermal Storage 

  • Superior Water Hygiene

  • Eliminates Growth of Bacteria

  • 38 - 95°C Heat Exchange System

  • DHW Flow up to 10L/sec

  • Low Maintenace

  • Compatible with Renewables

WM 74734
AS/NZS 3498

Edwards gx450

Edwards GX850

Edwards gx1200

Edwards gxc50

Edwards gxc100

Edwards gxc150

Edwards LEX120

Edwards LEX200

Edwards LEX320

Edwards LEX400

Edwards LEX500

Edwards LEX6000

Edwards hev95/490

Edwards hev330/1000

Edwards heatmate

Commercial hot water

Commercial warm water

aged care hot water 

hospital hot water

heat exchange tank


Rotex Sanicube

Hygienic thermal store

optimum water hygiene

Edwards commercial hot water

Edwards commercial

Advanced Commercial Hot & Warm Water Storage Solutions
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