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Hire & Reconditioned Packages

Aleabrax Systems can provide high quality Hot or Warm Water Heaters for short or long term hire.

For that sudden breakdown, planned maintenance or need for extra capacity, whatever your requirement, our hire systems are designed for a quick and easy hook-up to existing services.

Our team of distributors can arrange the transportation, installation, commissioning and removal of the hire boilers, helping businesses to continue to operate.

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Warm / Hot Water

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High Temperature Water


Aleabrax Systems recommends that all installations are serviced and maintained by a qualified person to the manufacturers’ instructions.


A maintenance program should be put in place with scheduled servicing occurring at least every six months.


Servicing will ensure that warranty requirements are met and that the efficiency, effectiveness, safety and longevity of the appliance/s are maximised.


For more information please contact Aleabrax Systems or your local distributor.

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