Condensing Water Heater



The CWH50 is a commercial condensing water heater that provides modular solutions for applications such as large residential homes, sporting facilities, ablution blocks, café’s, restaurants and industrial washdown.

CWH water heaters have an internal circulation pump that will regulate velocity through the appliance and thermostatically provide secondary circulation to building flow & return loops or mains pressure storage vessels.

Each 50kW appliance can service up to four 4-star WELS rated showers. These appliances have a temperature range of 35-85°C and offer a modulation rate of 1:10.

The CWH series offers an endless supply of thermostatically controlled, on demand, domestic hot water in a various configurations.

  • Condensing technology

  • Type A Appliance

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger (AISI 304L)

  • Wide modulating range (1 : 10) 

  • Low NOx Emissions

  • Digitech PCB

  • Anti-Legionella Function

  • Electronic modulating fan with variable speed

  • Integrated circulation pump

  • Hourly/weekly re-circulation management

  • Cascade, co-axial or twin pipe flueing options

Cascade Packages

Cascade packages (up to 300kW) are purchased in component form with the assembly of framework, pipework and mounting of water heaters done onsite when in the required position.


The CWH cascade packages can be used for on-demand dead leg applications, building flow & return or DHW production via mains pressure storage tank.

SFK 200.png

Cascade Package

315L Mains Pressure Tank


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