Installation Accessories

The Aleabrax condensing appliances are extremely versatile and have installation options for internal or external applications.

50kW internal applications can be installed with co-axial flue, over coming the need for ventilation in the plant room.

With cascade installation systems it is possible to discharge combustion emissions in only one flue duct using flue manifold kit.
Flue manifold are in stainless steel to guarantee the highest mechanical resistance to the chemical action of the condensate and an easy installation.

Each individual boiler can be connected to the main manifold through the appropriate connector equipped with a mechanical non-return damper to avoid a flow back of combustion products when one or more boilers are not in operation.

In case of roof installation, single flue kits complete with wind-proof head for the direct flues exhaust are also available.

Please refer to the specific installation manuals for flueing options and limitations.

Modulo Install Access.png
co-axial flue.png

Cascade Regulator

This device is a climatic regulator and digital cascade/sequence regulator. It manages cascade systems made up of up to 8 boilers and controls thermal systems made by different circuits such as two mixed circuits, a DHW circuit, a building flow & return circuit and a solar circuit.

cascade reg.jpg


WebVisor is a complete supervision and control system via WEB.

WebVisor is made by maximising the possibilities of electronic integration and the most modern Web technologies; moreover, its Web interface allows for it to be programmed and managed through a common browser on any device: PC, tablet or smartphone.